Arlington Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

Situated within the Metroplex, the city of Arlington offers residents the chance to enjoy life in a welcoming community that provides a certain peace of mind. Still, factors that could potentially represent threats do exist, which is why the idea of looking into a concept like safe rooms, tornado shelters, or storm shelters makes so much sense.

Such dangers can entail a number of different aspects, including weather, criminal activity and the secure storage of weapons to protect against the latter prospect. Each of these dangers can come up unexpectedly or with little warning, meaning that being proactive in addressing concerns is the best approach.

The Dangers of Tornadoes

Tornadoes serve as one of the chief dangers for Arlington’s citizens when it comes to weather, which is why the construction of a tornado safe room can turn out to be an astute move. Lone Star Safe Rooms knows that the standard underground shelters that have traditionally served as a protective measure can inadvertently turn out to dangerous, due to post-tornado factors.

Things like flooding, debris coverage and simple ventilation concerns can all crop up with those underground shelters. With Lone Star’s above-ground setup, a sturdy and customized tornado safe room can be built for Arlington residents at a competitive price. These can be located in a garage, within a closet or beneath stairs.

The end result is that the work is professionally done by an installer that’s been rigorously trained. Even with those key components serving as a solid sales pitch, Lone Star makes sure to bolster their customer’s confidence even further by offering a lifetime warranty on their work.

Protection Against Criminals

Arlington isn’t immune from the dangers posed by criminals, which is why the value of a Lone Star safe room can be seen even when weather isn’t a problem. The horrors from a home invasion can not only put the lives of you and your family in danger, but also leave lasting emotional scars that may never fade.

Having access to a safe room during a developing situation keeps anyone inside safe, thanks to thick steel walls and the presence of deadbolt locks. Putting a price on your family’s safety is often never calculated until events such as this come into play.

Within this context, the storage of weapons is sometimes problematic for Arlington residents with young children. Placing such material inside a safe room can help avoid a preventable tragedy from taking place.

Rebate Value

One reason for those in Arlington to consider building a safe room is that they’re eligible to receive a FEMA rebate that can be as much as $3,000. That rebate covers half of the cost of constructing a safe room for a planned construction or existing home.

The Best Choice

Lone Star Safe Rooms has been around since 2012 and is your best option when it comes to an Arlington tornado safe room, tornado shelter, or storm shelter. So when you start considering such an investment, make sure that contact Lone Star Safe Rooms.