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Actual safe room customer video after tornado destroys his home

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The state of Texas sees an average of 155 tornadoes every year, more than any other state. You need a secure solution to protect you and your family from a destructive F5 tornado.


Current statistics, according to the FBI, indicate that every 12 seconds, a home gets invaded. Statistics further indicate that 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home invasions.


Home safe rooms may be the best place for your firearms or those items you want safeguarded from young children or unwanted home invasions while away for extended periods.


Customizable, affordable safe rooms designed to go into any closet, understairs or garage areas. Our efficient teams of installers make certain your job is on time and on budget. All of our safe rooms come with a Lifetime Warranty to insure your purchase is worry free. We are proud to be members of the National Association of Homebuilders and the Texas Association of Builders.



Each Lone Star Safe Room is custom measured to fit your exact application. No matter where you decide to place our safe room–in a closet, under the stairs or in the garage area–our safe rooms are built and installed with some of the most respected products in the industry such as Schlage, Simpson Strong-Tie and GE. Our factory-trained installers will complete your job with the knowledge and goal of keeping your home in excellent condition.




Lone Star Safe Rooms are tested by the Texas Tech Wind Institute to meet or exceed all FEMA Windborne Debris Standards–allowing us to be your authorized safe room supplier for FEMA programs and grants. We have a program in place for no extra charge to report your GPS location at your request to the local emergency services authorities to insure first responders in the knowledge that your family can be located in a safe room at your residence.

Lone Star Safe Room Texas Tech Testing



Lone Star Safe Rooms are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. All steel wall and ceiling panels, door sets, barrell hinges, slide bolts and deadbolts are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship for the lifetime of the unit. There will be no charge to the customer for labor or materials on any repair due to faulty workmanship during the life of the unit.

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Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to give us a call.


Lone Star Safe Rooms are a custom modular bolt together design, so every room is custom made to fit your particular application. In this case “custom” safe rooms do not mean “custom” pricing. We guarantee to be at or below any–comparable, inward opening door, custom bolt together safe room–price everyday! Any size can be designed by the inch for your application.




Here are just a few questions that are frequently asked by our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about our safe rooms.

Have your safe rooms been tested?

Lone Star Safe Rooms are designed to withstand F5 tornadoes with winds in excess of 260 miles per hour. Our safe rooms have been tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute to exceed FEMA 320/361 standards as well as ICC 500 building code requirements.

What keeps your safe room from blowing away?

Lone Star Safe Rooms use a Simpson Strong-Tie Wedge-All anchoring system to secure the safe room during an F5 tornado. Each safe room is bolted down to your concrete slab by drilling 5/8” x 3 ½” holes and inserting specialty designed anchoring bolts at the appropriate locations around the perimeter of the safe room to ensure the safe room stays in place as the rest of the house is torn away from the slab.

How can I breathe?

Lone Star Safe Rooms meet and exceed FEMA requirements regarding ventilation. With our top and bottom door ventilation design, our doors allow safe and secure ventilation.

Why should my safe room door open inward?

Lone Star Safe Room doors always open inward. Doors that open outward are subject to being blocked by debris not allowing the door to open and causing the occupant to be trapped until local authorities remove the debris. Our inward opening doors are designed to be larger than the outside opening making it impossible to be pulled through the opening in the event of a tornado.

What size of safe room should I buy?

FEMA recommends that you take the number of people you want to protect and multiply that number by 3 feet for standing or 6 feet for sitting. This will give you the square footage recommended to protect your family and pets.

Why choose an above ground safe room?

In years past, the recommendation was to always be underground in the event of a severe storm mainly because it was all we had. Today the argument still exists between above ground shelters and below ground shelters for severe storm protection. However, we believe based on professional research opinion that above ground safe rooms are the safest choice to make based on past events where below ground storm shelter occupants were drowned from water collection or asphyxiated from poor ventilation due to home debris stacking up on the door trapping them inside. We are sure that there are companies out there that do a great job addressing these concerns, however, we choose to provide above ground safe rooms to protect your family and ours as well.


What our clients are saying.

We want you to know how pleased we are with the safe room you recently installed in our home. You were able to custom fit a walk-in closet, a task we found impossible with all of the other dealers. Your crew members arrived on time and were very courteous, neat, and professional. They put boards down to protect our hardwood floors. The proper usage of the room was explained to us as well as various suggestions for safety and comfort. The entire experience was superb and we would recommend your company to anyone considering a safe room.
Elizabeth and Ray T. / Carrollton, Texas
We contracted with Lone Star Safe Rooms to install a tornado shelter in our home. As soon as the installers arrived, they assessed the location and began work. They only took one short break during the installation and completed the project to our satisfaction. When they finished the installation, they explained the operation of the door to us. Before leaving, they cleaned up the area so that everything was neat and ready to use.
Mike B. / Southlake, TX
Mike, The installation crew was world-class! I appreciate that they took time to make sure that the floors were protected during panel movement and installation, plus they left the area clean (I can tell you that doesn't happen with other work I've had done here!). I really appreciate all the hard work they did.
Brian P. / Graford, TX
Chris, Once again, thank you so much for installing our safe room in our garage. It looks fantastic! As you know, we purchased our first safe room this summer from you that was custom fit to our master closet. When several of our friends and family saw it, they had to have one as well, in which several have made the purchase as we love the referral dollars it has generated. From the first time we contacted you until your installers completed our second homes safe room yesterday, we have enjoyed the exceptionally professional way you do business. We will continue to tell others about Lone Star.
Dana P. / Denton, TX
Chris, Thank you very much for building our safe room in our new Huntington home. This safe room will provide safety, security and peace of mind for my family and I'm grateful to you for it. This installation provides up to 10 family members and maximizes the space we have available. The quality of constructions is outstanding. The security of our safe room is evident when the solid steel doors are closed. We especially like the installation of electrical lights and outlets plus the cabling for the land line phone. Should we ever fall victim to destructive winds, we'll be sure to call and share our story with you. I will get with you after the first of the year for the custom installation of a Lone Star Safe Room in my son and daughter-in-law's home.
Roger Y. / Prosper, TX
Chris was good to work with. Very friendly and professional.
Jake S. / Collin County, TX


Lone Star Safe Rooms started its business in 2012. It’s partners, Mike Carman and Chris Hooser have been associated for over 25 years as vendors for the new home builder and existing residential markets. In 2012 tornadoes ravaged parts of the DFW metro area causing numerous builders to contact us and inquire about safe rooms to build into their projects. After some research we came to the conclusion there were only a few options out there to satisfy a need for a builder friendly safe room that allows retro-fitting into an existing home.

After a couple of years of professional, developmental and customer research, we feel very confident that our safe rooms stands alone as one of the most long lasting, strong, safe and reliable units on the market today. Our core mission is to create and distribute a safe room that is constructed with the consumer’s safety, usability and sense of value as the driving factors for our business. We hope you find our product to be an asset to your family’s safety.





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