Dallas Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

The city of Dallas serves as the focal point of the North Texas market, with more than 1.3 million people now living within the city limits. Some residents may be longtime natives while others are transplants who have arrived because of employment opportunities or because they just want to be part of the dynamic atmosphere that the city represents.

Protection When It Counts

Regardless of their reasons, Dallas residents are no less vulnerable to the dangers of tornadoes that can strike the region swiftly and with no mercy. In those circumstances, finding a viable tornado shelter for themselves and any family members becomes vitally important. That’s something that can be accomplished by having a custom safe room or tornado shelter installed by the professionals at Lone Star Safe Rooms.

While people understand the concept of a safe room, they may be under the impression that there’s no real difference from one company to the next when it comes to providing a sturdy tornado shelter. That can end up being a grave miscalculation which brings with it the type of regret that can be hard to shake.

Comparing the Differences

However, contacting Lone Star Safe Rooms to handle the job guarantees that even under the most severe tornado conditions, the room constructed will remain intact. These rooms are built to withstand winds of up to 260 miles per hour because they’re bolted down to stay in place and have ventilation in place both above and below to allow for extended periods to stay inside the structure.

The bolts that will keep the structure in place have been specially designed and are strategically placed around the room to reduce any chance of one area being negatively affected. Also available are steel barrel hinges and slide lock bolts, with deadbolts another possible consideration.

These rooms can neatly fit below stairs, inside a closet or within a garage. Each of these has ceilings and walls that have been bolstered with steel that’s 3/16-inches thick, with a double-sided door that will always open inward. That will prevent any situations where outside debris could conceivably trap those inside.

Some individuals believe that underground shelters are sufficient for protection, yet there have been too many cases of tragedy resulting from their use. People have found themselves with their available air cut off from the aforementioned debris or been subject to an onslaught of water that’s ended up drowning the individuals inside.

An Inherent Trust

Lone Star Safe Rooms’ installers focus on making sure that each specially-designed unit is completed within a standard time frame and within the customer’s budget. This particular tornado shelter will also have a lifetime warranty in place to address any problems that may surface.

So if you’re looking for a trusted company to build a safe room or storm shelter for your Dallas home, make sure to contact Lone Star Safe Rooms. The peace of mind that comes with that choice is the best investment you can make.