Frisco Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

Frisco, Texas is a city that’s surged in growth over the past two decades, with new residents pouring in every year. They’re drawn by the warm, friendly atmosphere of its citizens, the proximity to the thriving Dallas-Fort Worth market and the opportunities that exist within its boundaries.

While weather in Frisco is often wonderful, an occasional problem exists when the prospect for tornadoes develops. The lethal damage that such violent weather turns can inflict is enormous, which means entrusting the safety of your family to an experienced Frisco tornado shelter company should be your next step.

Providing Valuable Know-How

That means going with the veteran staff at Lone Star Safe Rooms. The fact that the company has been building Frisco safe rooms for the past five year may give the impression that such experience is lacking. However, the company’s founders have been in the home construction industry for roughly a quarter-century, having narrowed their focus toward becoming a top custom safe room builder.

Choosing Lone Star Safe Rooms to serve as your Frisco tornado shelter company ensures that the structure that’s built for you and your family’s safety will be one that’s able to withstand winds of up to 260 miles-per-hour. Such attention to detail is one of the reasons that the company has become a favorite in constructing Frisco safe rooms, storm shelters, or tornado shelters.

A Passion for Customer Service

The reason that Lone Star Safe Rooms has been able to carve out that niche as a custom safe room builder is because of its ability to actually listen to its customers. Too often, a company in this field will have a one-size-fits-all mentality for any construction, which may not work within the framework of a particular family.

Protection When It Counts

Some of the ways that Lone Star Safe Rooms stands out among other builders is in the ways it approaches the storm itself and the aftermath. Knowing that such protection might be required for an extended period, plenty of ventilation is provided both above and below the structure. In addition, being able to leave the structure might be impossible when using another company’s model due to the presence of debris in front of the door. However, Lone Star Safe Rooms’ doors open in an inward fashion, avoiding that concern.

Lone Star Safe Rooms doesn’t build its structure below ground, as is the case with many shelters. That’s because of the danger of literally being drowned by the water surges that come about during a storm. Yet families are protected thanks to the overwhelming sturdiness of the steel used to build each structure. If that wasn’t enough, the nuts and bolts that hold it together offer added reinforcement, with the anchor making sure that it stays right in place.

So the comfort of knowing that your search for a Frisco tornado shelter company is there when you select Lone Star Safe Rooms. We deliver Frisco safe rooms that withstand severe tests from Mother Nature, meaning that when you want a trustworthy custom safe room or storm shelter builder, please feel free to contact us.