McKinney Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

Over the course of the last three decades, the city of McKinney has surged when it comes to population growth in North Texas. Now sporting eight times the amount of residents it had in 1990, the community continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Those putting down roots by living there are attracted to the area for any number of reasons.

When McKinney residents decide to purchase a home, they understand that inclement weather such as a tornado can sometimes arrive with little warning. Due to that threat, the idea of constructing a safe room or tornado shelter for protection becomes an idea that gains much more credence for that homeowner.

Important Things to Consider

Building a safe room to tackle the problem is something that offers safety, which is why the idea of Lone Star Safe Rooms handling the job makes so much sense. The level of experience that the company brings to each job and the fact that they can customize each order to a customer’s needs helps Lone Star Safe Rooms stand out above its competitors.

The standard tornado shelter is often below ground or is something that’s perceived to be sturdy enough to remain in place during the relentless storm that such weather conditions deliver. However, a Lone Star safe room is one that’s been proven to be something that can deliver on the promises that are made.

Key Contrasts

The reason that this type of room should be considered over a traditional shelter is because of the potential dangers to those inside. With something below ground, those inside run the risk of drowning from the inevitable deluge of water or have their breathing area cut off by debris. Such concerns are never a worry with a Lone Star-built room.

For one things, the fact that Lone Star Safe Rooms’ doors only open inward prevents those inside from being trapped by that debris, something that could conceivably cause panic. Additionally, ventilation is present in the design of the top and bottom door, which allows for continued breathing space in the event that such conditions drag on for an extended period.

Any worries about the structure can be alleviated when looking at how it’s put together. Steel encompasses the vast majority of the unit, with the walls, door, lock bolts and barrel hinges using it. Deadbolts are also available when considering periods when it’s not being used. All of this is held in place with nuts and bolts that keep things nice and tight, while the anchor in place prevents winds of up to 260 miles per hour from destroying the unit.

Your Best Option

Choosing Lone Star Safe Rooms to build your McKinney safe room is always the wise choice, primarily because of the commitment to quality and features that the experienced staff puts forth in the building of each tornado shelter, storm shelter, or safe room. So don’t hesitate to keep you and your family safe, contact us today.