Plano Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

The city of Plano has experienced exponential growth over the past half-century, evolving from the epitome of small-town Texas life to a burgeoning metropolis that’s now hovering close to 300,000 residents.

Despite valuable advances in tornado warning systems, the danger of falling victim to this sort of weather catastrophe still exists and has helped create a need for Plano safe rooms, storm shelters, or tornado shelters.

Protecting What Matters Most

While Mother Nature has the ability to inflict plenty of damage on all types of structures, such things can be fixed or replaced. However, the loss of a loved one can’t do the same, which is why having a custom built safe room can help save the most important commodities that you have.

Making the choice to build that custom built safe room then brings about the inevitable question of what Plano tornado shelter company is uniquely qualified to handle this type of job. The simple answer is Lone Star Safe Rooms, which has been around since 2012, though the company’s founders have more than a quarter-century in the home construction industry.

The belief that simply going to the lowest level of a residence can duplicate the function of Plano safe rooms can turn into a tragic mistake. That’s because of the potential for an onslaught of debris or being engulfed by storm water that can arrive suddenly and with lethal impact.

Innovative Concepts

The fear of being trapped for days following such a storm can spark concern about the amount of available air eventually diminishing. However, using a Plano tornado shelter company like Lone Star Safe Rooms helps eradicate that panic-inducing moment since ventilation both above and below is present.

In addition, the paralyzing fear of not being able to open the door because it’s being blocked from storm wreckage is avoided because every door opens in an inward fashion, not outwardly.

Strength Where It Counts

Damage from a tornado can completely destroy a home, yet that won’t happen in this instance because of the ample presence of sturdy steel to protect whoever happens to be inhabiting a unit. Throw in in things like anchors, nuts and bolts to make sure that nothing comes loose during the course of a violent storm and the sense of comfort increases substantially.

Having such things available are vital because even if you happen to be protected from the storm itself, you may end up being in the line of fire of heavy objects that can easily become airborne. That’s due to high winds reaching eye-opening miles-per-hour, with custom built safe room from Lone Star possessing the ability to offer stiff protection from volatile winds as high as 260 miles per hour.

So just take matters into your own hands by having Lone Star Safe Rooms be the Plano tornado shelter company you trust to do the job right. The stakes are too high to simply choose the first company you see when it comes to Plano safe rooms or tornado shelters. Contact us today!