Prosper Safe Rooms & Tornado Shelters

The rapid influx of people who want to call Prosper Texas home is indicative of just how popular this suburban Dallas community has become in just the last decade. However, Prosper isn’t immune from some of the more serious aspects of everyday life, which can sometimes make the decision to have safe rooms, storm shelters, or tornado shelters installed a wise decision.

In some cases, the idea of custom safe rooms take that concept one step further. Regardless, either choice should be considered because of the growing issues with inclement weather that often finds dangerous conditions developing amid the Texas landscape. It also factors in other potential developments.

Guarding Against Weather Disasters

Prosper Texas is just as vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature as any other jurisdiction. These matters are at their most dangerous when tornadoes and hurricanes develop, which requires individuals and families to take their personal safety into account. That becomes a much more reassuring issue when these rooms are present nearby.

Lone Star Safe Rooms fits these rooms to the homeowner’s particular situation, with potential spots for these rooms being found underneath stairs, within the confines of a standard closet or even a garage. When a natural disaster strikes, these can be life-savers because of their durability that’s been wind-tested and passed specific FEMA tests.

Effective Construction

Custom safe rooms can be built to suit the customer, though the more standard rooms can also handle the job. Weather disasters can last for an extended period, which means that having enough air to breathe may be cause for concern. Lone Star Safe Rooms makes sure that vents are in place both on top and bottom to ensure a steady air flow.

Other features on these units include such things as double-sided steel doors, sturdy walls and ceilings, deadbolt locks and anchors to keep it together. One look at the swath of destruction that can be delivered from the force of a natural disaster underscores the value that these rooms offer.

Protection in Home Invasions

Unfortunately, weather isn’t the only potential danger that a family can face. Protection against the horrors of a home invasion is another example of what these rooms can provide, helping keep family members safe and sound. That simple fact can often get lost when considering the cost of this type of investment, yet it’s hard to put a price on the value and peace of mind that it brings.

Lone Star Safe Rooms offers financing options and you may be eligible for some FEMA rebates. To enhance the value concept even further, we make sure to offer a lifetime warranty on all safe rooms. That’s because we’re willing to put our work in constructing the very best in protective structures to protect you and your family.

Your Best Choice in Prosper Texas

Whether you’re seeking the basic model or custom safe rooms or storm shelters that work best for you, Lone Star Safe Rooms is ready to help make that a reality. Contact us today to get things started.