Above Ground Safe Room Checklist – Lone star Safe Rooms – Texas & Oklahoma
July 30, 2019

What Should I Keep in my Texas Safe Room

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Above ground safe rooms in Texas are major necessities when a household is concerned about natural disasters, home burglaries, and any other sort of emergency scenario or situation that could take place in a home. But what are some of the items we should consider keeping in our above ground Texas safe rooms? We’ve put together a simple list of ‘safe-room-saviours’ that focuses on needs and solutions.

Above Ground Texas Safe Room Checklist


Your mobile phone is the answer. Does your cell phone work well in your bathroom or closet? Where is the charger? Chances are that your cell phone will not always work. Make sure that you try it and test to see whether your phone does indeed work in your safe room. Also, avoid using the cordless phone from the bedside night stand as it can be disabled or jammed easily.


Pillows and blankets are a comfortable and comforting addition to any above ground safe room. One suggestion would be checking with a local camping store in the Texas area for sleeping gear or just simply searching in that old blanket chest in the basement.


You certainly shouldn’t anticipate that the electricity will be on and available, nevermind operational for some time, especially after a tornado, major storm or any other natural disaster. Be sure to have at least one flashlight ready and at hand and have spare batteries as well. Can you change the batteries in the dark? Can you find the flashlight in the dark? These are some of the things you should be asking yourself.

Food & Water Supplies

This is an important point and one that can be instrumental in keeping the calm during the storm… not after it! Bottled water and simple non-perishable and long-lasting food items will suffice. You can also restock your food items periodically to ensure nothing has past expiry date.


In a lot of instances, anything that has slowed-down or highlighted/exposed an attacker has subsequently deterred the attacker during a robbery. Light and sound have stopped many home invasions. If you have a home alarm system, does it have a siren? Does your home alarm have a battery backup? Be sure that all these boxes have been checked and you can activate your alarm system from your above ground safe room.


If you’re able to do so quickly, get your pets to your above ground safe room too. Dogs will want to defend their territory so it could be a good idea to familiarize them with your safe room by taking them inside once every so often. Give them a treat and make it a place they’re eager to go inside – This way it will be much easier to get them inside in a hurried situation.

By following these steps you’ll be better prepared and ready to use your safe room and keep all of your family well equipped in an unforeseen event.

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