Why Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms are More Important Than Ever
September 30, 2020

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Traditionally home storm shelters were only found in areas and states prone to severe natural disasters. But this is changing. With the recent social uneasiness and acts of mass civil disobedience facing communities, the importance of storm shelters has become a popular topic of discussion. Storm shelters and safe rooms for the home can bring us peace of mind no matter what emergency we are facing. 


The reason home storm shelters are so popular is that when an emergency breaks out, you can be inside your custom safe room and secure within seconds. It can provide you with life-saving protection through a storm and even civil disorder. It is also a place to store your valuable belongings.


The Importance of Storm Shelters for the Home

With the increase in tornadoes and severe storms across the US, we have seen a drastic increase in both the popularity and need for storm shelters. 


Although the safest place to be during a tornado is underground, basements are still vulnerable to debris and structure collapse. Fully underground storm shelters provide reliable protection but aren’t always possible in flood-prone areas. This is where storm shelters for the home can come in handy. Constructed according to federal laws and safety standards, they can offer the same benefit as an in-ground shelter. 


Here are some storm shelter stats:

  • They can withstand 250 mph winds and over 3,000 pounds of force 
  • They are made of steel and fiberglass, with concrete foundations as anchors
  • The advantage of an underground shelter is that debris cannot impact the sides the disadvantage is that your only exit could be blocked
  • Both above and below ground shelters provide the same level of protection


Various Purposes of Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

When installing safe rooms or storm shelters for the home, make sure you and your family are on the same page. You should practice your emergency plan and ensure your safe room is stocked with the necessary items to withstand an emergency.


For families that feel insecure and worried about potential intruders, installing a safe room for the home can bring you peace of mind. Safe rooms simply need a little space, like a spare room or garage, and they come with a fortified door, battery backup, ventilation, LED lighting, and electrical outlets. The design of your safe room can vary depending on your budget and intended use. For example, a closet can be converted into a rudimentary safe room with a solid-core door and deadbolt lock. While with no budget constraints, a safe room can include thick steel walls, computers, air-cleaning systems, protection against bacterial and chemical infiltration, and bulletproof protection. 



Home storm shelters can keep you protected from extreme weather such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. These shelters can withstand intense winds and are fire-resistant. Usually, they are built from steel. 


War and Unrest

Custom safe rooms can provide safety to your family during social emergency’s & civil unrest. These emergency rooms can endure bomb blasts and should be stocked with survival essentials and communication devices.


We at Lone Star Safe Rooms believe in the importance of storm shelters for the protection of your family and the peace of mind they can bring. If you have any questions about installing a safe room for the home and what is the best option for your family, give us a call at 817 682 7854 or go to the website.