5 Advantages of Having a Safe Room in Your House
December 12, 2017
5 Advantages of Having a Safe Room in Your House
The idea of safe rooms isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. That’s because many people during the course of their busy lives don’t stop to think about the benefits that can be derived from having one constructed or are scared off by the costs involved. Listed below are five specific advantages that a homeowner can achieve with a safe home:

A Safe Haven During Dangerous Weather

Mother Nature can unleash horrific examples of her fury like hurricanes and tornadoes, which leaves lives at risk. While some people use basements and other shelters for protection during these events, these can conceivably become deadly traps because of issues like flooding. Safe rooms help avoid this problem because they’re built above ground and are specifically built to withstand or limit the impact of many natural disasters

Protection from Criminal Activity

While many people assume that the area where they live is safe, homeowners can find themselves facing dangerous situations from individuals who illegally enter a home. These criminals can put the lives of you and your family at risk, something that can be avoided by having access to a safe room. This particular option helps offer peace of mind when it comes to your most precious commodities.

Added Storage Capacity

A safe room is most valuable during crisis situations, which are hopefully few and far between. That leaves plenty of time over the course of a year for your safe room to become a valuable area for storing different items. Homeowners are always adding onto their home to accommodate growing families and other factors, with that expense often exceeding what it would cost to construct a safe room.

Increased Property Value

Given the fact that your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll make, you want to make sure that its value is maintained and enhanced. The additional room that’s provided and, more importantly, the reassurance that’s provided by having a safe room in place is something that can serve as a selling point should you be looking to move. That means that whatever expense in having the safe room constructed can be paid back when the final sale is completed.

Government Help with Costs

One valuable benefit that many individuals may overlook when considering having a safe room constructed is that you may be able to obtain money from FEMA that will defray a portion of the costs for installation. Generally, your costs will be cut it half, though there’s no established percentage in place and can be dependent upon the area where you live. You would be paying the full amount at first and then filing a reimbursement form once the work is completed.

The Right Decision

Lone Star Safe Rooms can assist you in the construction of a safe room. We’ve been around since 2012 and ensure that our rooms are built to last by experienced professionals. Contact us today for a free estimate.