Home Safe Room Protected a Family of Four
April 24, 2020

Storm Shelter Safe Room

How a Safe Room Saved & Protected a Family of Four

It’s likely that most of us read or heard about the Phillips family of four whose lives were spared when a tornado hit their hometown of Moss, Mississippi on Easter Sunday. Thankfully they were left unharmed, as minutes before the tornado hit they sheltered in their concrete safe room. The safe room was the only part of their home left standing, as the twister tore apart their property in just 20 seconds. 


The photographs were frightening, as the devastation of the town and the surrounding areas was vast. However, the thing we keep coming back to is that safe room, housing a family of four, standing untouched amongst the wreckage. The family had been living in the house for only a few weeks. “The safe room was one of the reasons we bought it,” Andrew Phillips said.


Did you know that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that an average of 1000 tornadoes hit the US every year? When a tornado of 250 mph winds strikes, do you have a safe place where your family can shelter – and can you get to it within seconds? 


A safe room can provide life-saving protection during a destructive storm – especially if you don’t have a basement. So, if you are living in a state where tornadoes are common, a safe room is a life-saving necessity. Let’s take a look at the benefits of a safe room.


How Safe Rooms Can Benefit You & Your Family


  1. Protection During a Storm

It’s a well-known fact that safe rooms save lives. Since tornadoes and other destructive weather conditions can be frequent, you and your family should be prepared with a safe place to shelter while you ride out a storm. They come in different sizes too, so they can accommodate larger families too. 


  1. Property Value Increases

Although the initial cost of a safe room may be a hindrance for some people, this is definitely outweighed by the peace of mind it brings – that your family has a safe place to shelter in the event of a disastrous storm. Property experts also report that having a safe room installed in your home is an investment that will most certainly increase your property’s value.


  1. No Travel Time

It’s always great to know that your neighborhood or town has a storm shelter for when a disaster strikes, but there is often great risk involved in trying to get to a central shelter. Traveling during a storm can be very dangerous and so there is nothing more comforting than being able to get to shelter within seconds, without the threat of harm.


  1. Your Pets are Welcome

Our beloved pets are a big worry during times of disaster, and even milder storms can be quite frightening for them. Safe rooms in your home will be a welcome refuge for pets and a stress-free way to get them to safety. Having a space to calm them down, away from the noise of a storm, is very helpful – and a safe room is one such space where you can do this. 


  1. Protect Your Valuables

When severe storms flatten houses and wreak havoc on your property, your precious items and memories get wiped away and are most often not found again. Having a place to store your most valuable items and having them with you while facing the devastating loss of your home will help you through a traumatic time.  


If you are living in a high storm-risk area, don’t put the safety of your loved ones in jeopardy by waiting to install a safe room in your home. With severe storms a reality, you risk the loss of your valuables and the constant stress of what will happen if a dangerous storm hits your neighborhood.

We at Lone Star Safe Rooms believe in the importance of these safe rooms for the protection of your family and the peace of mind they can bring. If you have any questions about installing a safe room and what is the best option for your family, give us a call at 817 682 7854 or contact us