Closet Storm Shelters – Lone Star Safe Rooms
October 31, 2019

Tornado Custom Shelter TexasIt can be truly frightening watching the 24 hour news networks and the apocalyptic musings of the amplified fear can make people wonder whether they should be doing more to protect themselves and their families in their own homes.


Although tornado season is usually during the months of spring, anyone who resides in tornado alley can attest to the fact that tornadoes can show up at any time during the year. They don’t discriminate against the colder winter months of the year. We are all pretty much aware that a very warm day that’s followed by a cold-front can spell-out the chance of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes.


With the recent tornado that touched down in Dallas just one week ago, on Monday the 21st, it caused massive damage to residences, businesses, parks and other areas. These storms also left an enormous trail of destruction in Richardson and Midlothian, Texas.


Can we make our own homes safe enough to weather nature’s worst storms? 

Storms rooms & safe rooms protection

Hurricanes are intermittent, occurring at irregular intervals and we’ve all witnessed, and many experienced, the ravages of these devastating events. Today homes are built to withstand some extremely high and powerful winds; however they’re designed to meet and withstand the medium sized storm events. Quite frankly, a larger and more powerful Category 4 or 5 storm can still destroy a home; even if it’s constructed and built to today’s standards.


Evacuation still remains as the safest and best way to avoid the full impact of these massive storms. However, if someone isn’t  able to get out and evacuate in time, there is a way to provide some larger degree of safety – and that is by closet storm shelter.


A closet storm shelter is a small windowless room that has been strengthened to resist and withstand the effects of wind pressures and the impact from wind-borne debris caused by extremely severe weather. These are becoming rather common in Texas and other hurricane states.


A closet storm shelter can provide you, your loved ones and your family with a validated sense of security, knowing that there’s a safe and secure space in your home that will withstand the forces of the worst hurricanes and tornado’s. 


 What is a safe room?

Storms rooms & safe rooms protection

Generally, it’s a small space inside the home that has special  ceilings, walls, fastening systems and doors that are exceptionally strong. Ultimately, they can serve the vital purpose of providing safety for you and your loved ones during terrifying hurricane and tornado events.


These storm shelters can either be separate or can also be some part of the home, like a walk-in closet, namely… a closet storm shelter. They have to be isolated from the main structure so that if or when the main home becomes unstable and turns into countless fragments, this little safe-haven of space remains unscathed.


People can have the master bedroom walk-in closet fitted into a closet storm shelter. During a massive storm or tornado, the entire home could basically collapse yet you and your family would remain safe.


Always remember to never try to outrun a tornado. Also, don’t stand near a window or out on the porch and try to record video footage of it either. Just get straight to your closet storm shelter or safe place immediately if you’re under a tornado warning. If you follow these tips and take informed cautionary measures, you can maximize your chances of being safe during a tornado… especially if your home is equipped with a closet storm shelter.

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