How to Equip Your Safe Room for Emergencies: Checklist
July 24, 2023

safe room roof

For a safe room in the house to be completely useful, it needs to be equipped with the necessary supplies and tools. These secure spaces add a layer of security and safety for homeowners preparing for natural calamities and potential home invasions. If you’re looking for safe room ideas that will equip you when disaster strikes, we have prepared a list of items you can include in your home safe room to be better prepared.

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Crucial Items for Your Safe Room in the House

A tornado safe room is a hardened structure that can shelter you from calamities and attacks by unscrupulous individuals who intend to rob you or harm you. These spaces are designed according to specifications and standards provided by the International Code Council and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Here are some essential items to include in your home safe room to ensure you are well-equipped to face unexpected challenges and have access to the benefits of these safe spaces.


Food and Water

Stock up your panic room with canned or freeze-dried food. Choose food items you prefer to eat and take note of the expiry date. Make sure to store enough food and water for at least 72 hours. Rotate these supplies periodically so you always have fresh items.

If you have small children staying inside with you, stock up on childcare supplies like formula, diapers, baby food, bottles, blankets, and toys like stuffed animals.


Sanitation Supplies

Next on our list of safe room ideas is sanitation supplies. Create hygiene kits for each family member. This includes basic toiletries, toilet paper, wet wipes, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, and garbage bags.


Clothing and Blankets

Store clothing and blankets that will last while staying safe inside your tornado-safe room. You can include extra socks and sturdy shoes for everyone staying inside.


Important Documents and Cash

Keep a copy of all the essential documents you need, such as identification cards, driver’s licenses, passports, medical records, insurance policies, marriage and birth certificates, and passports. You can also keep digital copies of these records and store them in a USB drive. Make sure to keep all documents in waterproof and fireproof containers. The amount of cash you can hold varies depending on how much you need to travel to safety.


Self-Defense Equipment

Depending on how comfortable you are using weapons for self-defense and the local regulations in your area, consider having tools to defend yourself. At the very least, keep one or two pepper sprays or something similar to provide some defense without being lethal.


Communications and Radio

Keep an emergency radio with extra batteries. An alternative can be hand-cranked, so you don’t need batteries. Remember to bring your cellphone and charger. You can also outfit your room with a power supply for your devices.


Safe Room Heater

You can have specialists equip your room with a heater. A safe room heater will significantly benefit you during the colder months when blankets and other warmers might not be enough to keep you comfortable.


First Aid Kit and Necessary Medication

A well-stocked safe room should include a first aid kit and all the necessary medication, including prescriptions. This kit should consist of all the essential supplies, such as bandages, antiseptics, and medications. Make sure to inventory your medical supplies and replace those close to their expiry date.


Emergency Lighting

A safe room in the house can get dark, especially when the power goes out. For this reason, ensure enough emergency lighting that lasts for at least three days. Consider storing flashlights, extra batteries, glow sticks, and battery-powered lanterns. Never use candles inside the room since they are a fire hazard.


Entertainment and Miscellaneous Items

Finally, you can include books, board games, puzzles, and other entertainment items to keep your mind and will sharp. These items will be helpful if you need to stay longer inside for safety.


Secure Safe Spaces Within Your Budget

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