Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms – Texas
December 6, 2018

Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms are the new normal in Texas                              Safe Room Installation

When you think of home, most folks picture a peaceful dwelling where you feel safe and secure. You should consider your home a secure retreat from the problems in today’s world. No matter where you go, the news bombards you with the latest severe weather warnings or civil unrest.
If you want to keep your family and yourself safe in an unpredictable world, then consider taking these precautions, learn how safe rooms and storm shelters can protect you and your family.

Building Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms for New Homes Is on the Rise

Texas home builders incorporate features they know people want in a new home. Trends change with the times. Hurricanes, tornado’s, floods are commonplace in Texas. When constructing new homes, most home builders find that a built-in shelter is a feature that sells homes. It is quick and easy to pour reinforced concrete for storm rooms while constructing your home.

If you are looking to build a new home, consult with experts like Lone Star Safe Rooms about optimizing available room for a safe shelter. Above ground shelters fit within closets, under the stairs, in your garage and other areas easily accessed. Our experts will provide further insight for why building storm shelters and safe rooms for new homes can be a good idea.

Above Ground Storm Shelters Offer Quick Accessibility

As a Texas resident, you are fully aware of the devastation and damage caused by storms and flash floods. Emergency agencies like FEMA do not recommend taking shelter in a basement or other underground areas when you live in zones prone to flooding. Taking refuge in a shelter built in your basement could cause tragic consequences. Furthermore, anyone with physical challenges could not gain easy or quick access to the safe zone when needed. Speed is essential in an emergency. While hurricanes often give advance warning, tornado’s do not. With a tornado hitting Texas an average of every three days, it’s a matter of when, not if, one will affect you. You have a couple of minutes at the most to gather your family before a tornado hits.

Protective Sanctuaries Are Essential Due to Increases in Invasions and Storms

If you ever experienced a bad event and wondered what you could have done to prevent it, think about how bad you wanted to turn back time and do things differently. When you retrofit your current home for a panic room, you mitigate the risk outside problems could cause. Acting now reduces or eliminates damage and future heartache.

Above ground panic rooms resist gunshots and tremendous forces trying to break through. They also serve to harbor your family during storms with high winds and flying debris. Home occupants within a storm room have an extremely high chance of escaping harm or death. Reduce the Risk to Your Family. While possessions are easy replace, you cannot replace your family. No one remains immune to flying trees and metal during a storm. Most injuries and deaths during storms happen because of blunt force trauma by objects hurled with great force.
Identify hazards and risks to your family and yourself, then act to eliminate those dangerous threats. Shelter from a storm and refuge from invaders is available. The prudent homeowner should not wait to act.

Find Out About Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

For more information, contact us today to get expert advice on protecting your loved during natural disasters with storm shelters and safe rooms for new homes

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  1. […] If your home is older, your windows are probably not made with the safest type of glass. While you’re remodeling, set a little budget money aside and start getting your windows replaced with impact glass. The stormy seasons are getting a little worse these years, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to protect yourself and your home. You can also get better locks on your windows and have them tied in to your alarm system. Do yourself a favor and speak to the contractor to get an idea of how much replacing your windows would cost. If your windows are damaged and you don’t have the money right now to get them replaced, when storm season arrives, you may want to look into any Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms. […]

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