Unpredictable Texas Weather: How Above Ground Storm Shelters Give You Peace of Mind
November 16, 2022

The Northeast Texas weather is unpredictable, and tornadoes are hard to forecast. Learn how above ground storm shelters help protect your family and valuables.

Texas Tornados

Tornado season in Texas usually starts in April and ends in June. In November 2022, however, multiple tornadoes tore through much of Northeast Texas, accompanied by strong winds, heavy rains and hail. Homes and vehicles were destroyed. Apart from bringing tornado damage, the storm system caused the deaths of two people and injured several others. 


With the changing weather patterns, it’s getting more difficult to predict the weather. In addition, the sudden nature of storms in northeast Texas, and the fact that evacuation warnings are often given at night, make it even more challenging to find a safe shelter in time. 


An above ground shelter helps protect you, your loved ones and even your valuables when tornadoes and severe weather strike. Read on to learn more.

What Are Above Ground Storm Shelters? 

Storm Shelter Safe Room

In the old days, people hid in their root cellars to ride out storms. Nowadays, we are fortunate to have better and more reliable options.


Many people who want to keep their family and pets safe or keep valuables safe during a storm purchase above ground storm shelters. An above ground storm shelter is a type of at-home storm shelter that, as the name suggests, is located above the surface, unlike a conventional at-home shelter that is built underground. It is also often called a “safe room.”


Above ground storm shelters are constructed out of sturdy, resilient materials under strict quality control measures. They are typically tested to ensure they serve their purpose and stand up against severe weather conditions like tornadoes.


How They Can Protect Your Family During a Tornado

Texas is known for its unpredictable weather. What’s more, tornadoes are difficult to forecast, so residents of the state are often caught off guard with short-term warnings. 


In the event of a tornado, Texas state advises that you should find the nearest, safest place, such as an interior room on the ground floor with no windows, and shelter there until it’s over. The Texas government, via the Texas Ready website, also recommends building a safe room or above ground shelter.


How an above ground shelter can keep family and pets safe: 


  • They are designed and built to withstand tornado-force winds.
  • They stand up to flying debris, such as branches and bricks. 
  • There are no windows that may shatter and injure your loved ones. 
  • They are securely anchored to the foundation so they won’t blow away.
  • They are easily accessible. This is particularly important if you have elderly loved ones or persons with disabilities living with you. 


Additionally, since safe rooms are built above ground, you are more likely to be seen by rescuers after a disaster. It


How an above ground shelter can keep valuables safe: 

Safe rooms aren’t just for people and pets. If you have items of value, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’re protected from tornado damage, flying debris, rain and flooding. You can keep not just jewelry and electronics but also other items you care about, like memorabilia and heirlooms. 


Elevate Your Disaster Preparedness With Above Ground Storm Shelters 

Assembling a disaster supply kit, attaching hurricane clips and other disaster preparedness measures can help ensure that you, your loved ones and your valuables come out of a tornado event safe and sound. To further protect your family and belongings, consider getting an at-home storm shelter from Lone Star Safe Rooms. 


Our above ground shelters can be incorporated into a new construction project or installed in an existing home. They are designed to withstand even F5 tornadoes and have been tested at the Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute to meet and even exceed FEMA’s requirements. 


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