5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Storm Shelter
August 10, 2018

Storm Shelter

At certain times of the year, inclement weather manages to dramatically shift from simple inconvenience into dangerous circumstances where lives could be in danger. At the very least, property across vulnerable landscapes become helpless targets for Mother Nature to unleash the full fury of her anger.

The state of Texas tends to be a traditional target for such lethal onslaughts, which means that having a storm shelter on your property can make all the difference in the world. While some may only think of these structures in the context of a tornado shelter, other potential disasters like hurricanes or simple windstorms make having a safe room invaluable.

Below are five solid reasons why making the investment in a storm shelter can pay dividends down the road:


These types of structures can withstand plenty, with steel walls and ceilings that are anchored to help keep them standing. That value shines through when hurricane-force winds might otherwise wipe out an entire home.

Given the yearly concerns that now dominate the headlines when it comes to violent weather conditions, the sturdy nature of this type of room means that full value will be obtained. In this day and age, that’s a commodity to treasure.

Enhanced Safety

Standard operating procedure when it comes to seeking out protective shelter during a storm might be as simple as heading to the basement or to an underground area that’s already on the property. That can work, but there’s always the risk of water engulfing basements, sometimes to dangerous levels.

Another negative to consider are the fact that a home can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, which can quickly eliminate that feeling of protection. Either that or you could become trapped underground, which then can cause panic to set in with air becoming more precious by the minute.

Economic Factors

One of the first perceived drawbacks when it comes to this type of investment is that the costs involved make it prohibitively expensive. That particular argument is undercut when it’s pointed out that the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program will help cut the price tag in half.

Even if that enticement isn’t enough to lure a homeowner, the reality is that such structures serve as a way to increase the value of a home. Home buyers might be concerned about the vulnerability of a particular community, but can be more amenable when they have the peace of mind in knowing that protection is already there.


Any sort of violent weather disturbance doesn’t offer a lot of warning and can often strike while a family is sound asleep. Since the safety of simply heading to lower ground might not be available or can be of questionable value, having an alternative option is imperative. The speed of this impending disaster eliminates the consideration of heading to a community storm or tornado shelter.

The good news is that this needed protection can be reached within minutes. That would be one that’s built in places like underneath stairs, in a garage, or even within a closet. The bottom line is these customized structures can handle this vital job.

Reassuring Protection

Disasters of any kind can destroy items that make up home. Those can often be replaced, but a human life doesn’t have that ability, which means that making every effort to keep loved ones from harm is an absolute necessity.

Once you and your family are safely within the confines of these shelters, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that better days are ahead. Best of all, those loved ones will be there to enjoy them with you.

Making the Wise Decision

Lone Star Safe Rooms offers a protective storm shelter that’s the epitome of safety. It’s something that can serve as an oasis for those who want to make sure that a hurricane or tornado shelter is within reach. So to get the process started, fill out our online form. We’ll construct a safe room that’s completed on schedule and on budget, with a lifetime warranty that makes the deal that much sweeter. Contact us today.