5 Advantages of Having a Safe Room in Your House
December 12, 2017

The idea of safe rooms isn’t always at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. That’s because many people during the course of their busy lives don’t stop to think about the benefits that can be derived from having one constructed or are scared off by the costs involved. Listed below are five specific advantages that a […]

Safe Rooms: A Top Choice For a Storm Shelter
November 17, 2017

Feeling safe and secure in your home is crucial, and it can be advantageous to your loved ones as well. More and more homeowners are choosing to build and integrate safe rooms into their homes, as this is a way to protect yourself from a variety of different issues. From natural disasters to intruders, these […]

The 5 Most Devastating Tornadoes of All Time
April 7, 2017

Springtime brings with it warmer weather for certain parts of the globe, though it also has an unwanted meteorological component that often tags along for the ride in tornadoes. The likelihood of devastation and death is often a significant aspect of what this type of weather condition brings about for the unfortunate areas that have […]